Blend Generator


  1. Background Color: Click on the circles under “Background” to choose the desired background color for your tile pattern.
  2. Design: For each color in your design, there will be a button labeled “Color X”. Click on these buttons to choose a design for each color.After clicking the button, a modal will appear with design options. Click on the design you want for that color.
  3. Percentage Input: Next to each color button, there is a percentage input. Enter the percentage of the total area you want the corresponding color to occupy in the pattern.
  4. Generate Button: Click on the “Generate” button to create the tile pattern based on your selections.
  5. Create Wall : First generate the tile then you can create the Wall to see better of corrent Designs
  6. Reset Button: Use the “Reset” button to clear all selections and start over.
strapping :
Design :